Kokusai Karate Kobudo Kyokai, is an association that seeks to preserve and promulgate the traditional martial arts of Okinawa and Japan. It was founded by C. Michial Jones as a means of providing instruction, and certification, in traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial arts. Jones Sensei holds senior grades in Okinawa Karate Do, Okinawa Kobujutsu/Kobudo, Jujutsu and Iaido, having trained in them since 1977. Jones Sensei is assisted in the leadership of the association by Colonel (ret.) Roy J. Hobbs.

4K Mission: To preserve and teach the traditional martial arts of Okinawa and Japan. We strive to accomplish this in an environment free of intimidation, politics, and other distractors. We further seek to foster a spirit of fellowship and understanding, welcoming all like-minded individuals, regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, religion, national origin, or physical handicap.

Vision: Build healthy minds, bodies, and spirits through the study of traditional martial arts.

Membership/Affiliation: Kokusai Karate Kobudo Kyokai is largely made up of students of Jones Sensei and Hobbs Sensei, and their students. Others wishing to join should seek out an affiliate dojo, attend one of the regularly scheduled national and international courses, sponsor an instructor to visit one’s dojo, or contact the Hombu. . For more information please see our Membership page.

Name Explanation:  Kokusai Karate Kobudo Kyokai = International Karate Kobudo Association. In this context Karate encompasses any traditional Okinawan or Japanese system and Kobudo encompasses any Okinawan (Ryukyu, Matayoshi, Ufuciku, ect.) or Japanese (Jujutsu, aikijujutsu, Iaido, ect.) system of weapons or ancient empty hand art.