Made with MAGIX Dojo Mon Copyright and Trademarked 1994-2012 All Rights Reserved   Symbolic Meaning White- Purity Black- Refusal to give up Red- The Fire that drives us to learn The three comas or tadpoles are called the Mitsu Domo and it is the symbol for Okinawan Royalty.  It also represents: 1.       Man, Earth and Heaven in universal rotation 2.       Unity of the Mind, Body, and Spirit   The circle and square are taken from the family seal of Grand Master Miyagi Chojun, founder of Goju-Ryu Karate- do, and represents: 1.       The Square represents the Earth, which is hard 2.       The circle represents Heaven, which is soft 3.       The circle also represents Unity and Strength   The Symbol’s put together make the personal seal of C. Michial Jones Sensei. The seal was designed by Mr. Jones in 1993, it was put into service in 1994 and has been in use since that time, and is a registered trademark.   The Japanes Kanji used in the patch is the same as the English writing used.   There are two different patches that distinguish Yearly members (Red)  from Life members (Gold). The Yushikan Logo's are also Registered Trade Marks © of C. Michial Jones [1994-2012], All rights reserved. The Logo Trade Mark covers the logo in any color variations, with or without the outer circle and/or English or Japanese writing. Any person using this design is in violation of the law. Yearly Member Patch Life Time Member Patch Original Patch