Made with MAGIX First Lesson 1977 C. Michial Jones, chief instructor of the Yushikan Dojo, Okinawakan North America and IGKA Pan-America, began his martial arts training in Okinawan Gojuryu in 1977. He currently holds senior ranks and teaching licenses in the arts of karate-do, kobujutsu, aikijujutsu and iaido. Jones Sensei, like several other gojuryu instructors before him, is a law enforcement officer and training instructor, he currently holds the rank of Chief of Police for his department. He is the most decorated officer in the department and has received multiple awards and commendations for valor and bravery. In 2008 he was America’s TOP COP and NAPO’s Citizens Choice award Winner. In addition he is a certified defensive tactics instructor with multiple instructor and master instructor certifications in several DT methods. Over the years, Jones Sensei has had the honor and privilege of training with many masters and other black belts from various styles of karate. His past training experiences include traditional Okinawan martial arts, as well as, various systems of traditional Japanese budo. Jones Sensei has held several organizational positions from several martial arts federations over the years. Currently he is the North American Chief Instructor for the Okinawakan (WOGKKF), Pan-American Chief Instructor for the IGKA, Co-Chairman of the US-Okinawa Gojuryu Karate-do Kyokai, and Indiana Shibu-Cho for the OGKK. In addition he serves as the senior advisor on Okinawan Gojuryu for the Seikai Dentokan Bugei Renmei. In the media, Jones Sensei has been featured in several newspapers and news television programs. As an author, he has written numerous articles on various aspects of the martial arts for a variety of periodicals, including the Seibukan Journal, and Traditional Karate Magazine and as the author of “Entering Through The Gateway of Gojuryu” and “Yushikan: Entering The Gateway of Gojuryu”. (Available through the web store, Amazon or In his life’s endeavor to share his passion for traditional Okinawan martial arts, he has dedicated much of his time to conducting karate demonstrations, workshops and seminars focusing on the introduction of traditional karate. He is also active in instructing self-defense and safety awareness workshops to private groups, schools, community centers and police academies.   C. Michial Jones Shihan & Kancho Copyright and Trademarked 1994-2012 All Rights Reserved With Miyazato Sensei 1999 With Tokumura Sensei 2011